Character Creation

Technical issues

  • Use the following ability scores (assign as fit):
  • Balanced Scores: 16,14,14,11,10,10 | Specialist Scores: 18,14,11,10,10,8 | Dual Specialist Scores: 16,16,12,11,11,8
  • As a 1st-level character, you start with basic clothing and 100 gold pieces to spend on armor, weapons, and adventuring gear.
  • You are allowed to use PHB1-3, any Essentials books and the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide. with the following restrictions:
    No Wilden or Shardmind PCs

Character concept

Creating your character background can be a very boring task that just “gets in the way”, or it could be a great experience that will help you bring your character to life and help me (the DM) to build a better campaign that actually involve your character.

There are several things to remember while working on the background:

  • Leave room for change: don’t box your concept, as your character’s personality might change during the course of the campaign, meet certain goals and create others to pursue.
  • Think about working in a group: there is no point to create a total sociopath. Your character will (by the very definition of a role playing game) work in a team toward a common goal. Make sure the others will have a reason to support you, and find reasons to support them.
  • Alignment: your character’s view of good and evil does not have to be strictly defined. Your character can have dark tendencies, but don’t over-emphasize them. In my experience, reckless and chaotic behavior can tear the campaign apart. If you want to play a dark, brooding hero – go for it. But build him in a way that will propel the story forward, and not grind it to a complete halt.
  • It should be fun: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF THEM ALL. Let me know what things interest you as a player through your character concept. Let me know what you expect of the campaign, so I can make sure everyone around the table are happy with the result.

Sample character background

Xavlannan Veilen (Male Changling Swordmage)


Xavlannan (Xav to his friends) was born 23 winters ago. The third sibling of Duke Veilen, he was free to choose his destiny, as no burden or a claim to the ancient throne of the Duchy of Veilar was set on him.

He spent his childhood as a happy wonderer, riding the family lands with Matheyar and Lithuiar, his older brother and sister. Getting the finest education possible, Xav and Lithuiar gained knowledge in the arts of sword and sorcery, while Matheyar expanded his diplomatic skills.

Matheyar soon dedicated himself to the chores of rulership under the firm hand of his father, the duke, and Xav found himself spending a lot of time with his sister Lithuiar. It was then when the dreams began. He saw himself standing in the midst of a storm, holding his sister’s body, with Matheyar holding a great flaming sword over their heads. But Xav didn’t know if he held it to defend them, or attack them, as the dream always ended as Lithuiar turned to dust in Xav’s hands.

On his 21st birthday, after a long exhausting party, Xav feel asleep fully clothed on his bed. He woke up suddenly, hearing some noise in the corridor. Half drunk, he stepped out. The door to his sister’s room was open. He approached, and was horrified to find his sister sprawled on the floor, thick blood oozing from a deep knife wound.

He cried and shouted, and dropped on his knees before her. Her eyes fluttered, and she looked at him. Her soft, distant gaze lingered on his face, and then suddenly reflected great terror. She screamed, and the door flew open.

Matheyar, holding a great sword, stood in shock at the door.

“Brother,…” Xav tried to speak, but Matheyar’s cry swallowed his aching words. “Monster! What have you done to my sister?!”

Xav instincts told him something was very wrong. As Matheyar approached with his sword ready to strike, Xav bolted through the window, fell heavily on the snow covered grass, and sprinted across the mansion’s garden to the safety of the darkness outside.

Fear and terror gripped his throat as he bent over a small pond in the deep of the small forest near his mansion. He saw grey flesh, white eyes, and white hair.

This isn’t real, he thought. This is madness…

He heard the shouts of the house guards echoing behind him, turned, and fled into the shadows…

Current sketch

Xav has spent the last two years in the City Below, trying to understand his situation. He found out that he is a changeling, and that realization destroyed his world-view.

He desperately seeks information regarding his real identity, while trying to find a way to return to his house. He heard that his sister died that day, and he swore to find her killers. His only clue is the dagger that she was stabbed with, and he clearly remembers his unique design, like a twisted snake around a crystal core.

Xav knows that Matheyar is looking for him in order to kill him, but he’s not sure if Matheyar is aware of his situation. He won’t dare trying to contact him (or anyone else of his house) for that matter.

Xav is yet to master his new form. He has created several identities, but since he is very accustomed to living around nobility, he finds it very hard to create credible identities when it comes to imitating other classes.

His recent years turned him bitter and cold, and fearful of his own true identity. He seeks it, but fears of what he might find. He managed to support himself by lending his skills to the Kalimarn merchant house, which has ties with his former house. This way, he kept himself busy and funded what little research he was able to conduct.

He found out clues regarding a cult worshipping Vecna, that uses the twisted snake as its symbol. He didn’t manage to track them yet, and it’s become his obsession.

Character Creation

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